Indian Institute of Science

An Institution of Eminence (IoE)

Data as on 31/12/20

About Us

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc), established in 1909, is India’s premier institute for advanced research and education in all branches of science and engineering. In October 2018, IISc entered into an MoU with the then Ministry of Human Resource Development (now Ministry of Education, MoE) to operationalise its status as an Institution of Eminence (IoE) with the following 6 objectives:

  • Impetus to research and education initiatives in frontier areas
  • Promotion of innovation through high impact applied research
  • Enabling operational excellence for new and existing research facilities
  • Creating an efficient, smart, attractive campus with modern facilities
  • Calibrated growth of human resources for research
  • Significant internationalisation

IoE Parameters


As an Institute of Eminence, IISc encourages and facilitates learning and research in emerging interdisciplinary areas that are regarded important for the strategic needs of the country.

Unique courses are being developed and offered to students to enable interdisciplinary research. Academic knowledge and training in niche subjects springboards students into socially-relevant, cutting-edge research.

  • No. of disciplines: 56
  • No. of programmes: 88
  • No. of interdisciplinary centres: 11

Seed grants approved for nucleating research in 20 new areas across all disciplines

Programmes Developed

  • BSc (Research) minor in Bioengineering
  • Space Science Programme
  • Manufacturing Programme
  • MTech in Smart Manufacturing
  • MTech in Artificial Intelligence
  • MTech in VLSI Design (revamped Microelectronics as VLSI in August 2019)
  • PhD in Climate Science
  • PhD in Water Research
  • PhD in Advanced Manufacturing
  • PhD in Brain and Computation
  • Online MTech in ArtificiaI Intelligence
  • Online MTech in Data Science & Business Analytics **
  • Online MTech in Communications & Networking **
  • MTech in Electronic Product Design** (funded by MeitY)

(As on 31st December, 2020)
(**Will commence in August 2021)

New Interdisciplinary Centres

Interdisciplinary Sciences TCS X Hub

  • Building construction started

Innovation Hub

  • Building construction started

Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing (CPDM) Building

  • Contract finalised
  • Higher Education Funding Agency (HEFA) approval awaited

Grant Spent on new research in interdisciplinary areas: Rs. 13.91 cr

  • New Research Areas
    Molecular electronics, spintronics and single-entity spectroscopy, large scale ab-initio calculations on hybrid supercomputers, Antarctic ice-ocean interaction, turbulence modelling, functional brain imaging and more
  • Office of Research Grants (ORG)
    Established to facilitate the processing of grant applications

Faculty Profile

Faculty On Roll                             

  • 456

Non-Teaching Staff On Roll                          

  • 327

Internationally-qualified Faculty On Roll                     

  • 411
  • Young Researcher Meetings (YRMS) are being conducted in different countries to attract prospective faculty to the Institute
  • In 2020, YRMs were conducted online in view of the COVID-19 situation for young researchers in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America
  • YRMS held with prospective applicants at Boston, Johns Hopkins, Univ. of Chicago, Tokyo & Austin to showcase the faculty opportunities at IISc

Faculty Background

  • More than 90% Faculty at IISc is internationally qualified


  • NIRF: 1st among Universities and
                 2nd in overall category
  • NAAC score: Grade AA+ (3.67)
  • Ranked 2nd in the world in terms of citations per faculty QS World University Rankings 2020
  • 185th in QS Ranking 2021
  • 301-350 in THE Ranking 2021
  • 501-600 in Shanghai Ranking (ARWU)

Student Profile

  • Admissions take place in January/July every year
  • Placements happen annually at the end of each academic year for MTech and through the year for PhD

Student Enrollment (Cumulative)

  • 4227

International Students (Cumulative)

  • 43                   


Faculty to Student Ratio

  • 1:9.5

Lab Facilities and Collaborative Research

Labs Developed 

  • 547

Industry Collaborations

  • 40
  • Collaborations with several governmental and semi-governmental agencies and private companies
  • Four international and 36 national collaborations (current quarter)
  • Collaborations with CITIBANK, SBI, Tata Motors, Collins Aerospace and Infineon Technologies


World-Class Library

New Journals and books

  • 32 e-journals, 2 Books

New Tools and Initiatives

  • ChemOffice Pro 19.x
  • A master plan for re-creating the library as a Knowledge Centre is under preparation
  • Library renovation floor Plan and design is at tendering stage


Student Amenities

  • Two new hostels are being built


Covid-19 Initiatives

  • Diagnostics and Surveillance 
  • Hospital Assistive Devices
  • Modelling, Simulation And Analysis
  • Biological Studies
  • Sanitation and Disinfection
  • Vaccine under development

For more details on the COVID-19 initiatives, visit our website or brochure.

Social Impact

  • Social innovation project in Taipadar (Chhattisgarh) to improve irrigation, and availability of drinking water and electricity
  • Lakes of Bengaluru as drivers of an enriched blue-green cityscape
  • Assessing seismic safety of tunnels
  • Development of 4 versions of ventilator prototypes in coordination with Manipal Hospitals

Entrepreneurial Projects

  • Start-ups (Nutan Labs and Health Seq) incubated


  • 67

Training and Outreach

  • Kernel, a monthly newsletter that highlights the latest on-going research at the Institute and Connect, a quarterly campus magazine showcasing life at IISc was sent to major institutions and schools

Check out all the on-going social projects here.

Teaching and Research Collaborations

MoUs with Top-ranked Global Universities

  • 21

International Conferences held

  • 9

Student Exchange and Joint Programmes

  • 2 

Seminars and Workshops Conducted

  • 6

  • Joint research including Duo-India exchange programme 2020 for Students and Professors
  • Coordinated IISc’s nomination process for Schmidt Science postdoctoral fellowship programme 2021-22
  • 2020 Virtual Summer School on ‘Entrepreneurship for Global Challenge: Empowering Tomorrow’s Innovators’, hosted by SATU Presidents’ Forum and National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan


Published Research in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Citations (Cumulative):

  • Web of Science: 9,02,502
  • Scopus: 10,64,755

Publications per faculty (Cumulative):

  • Web of Science: 52,099
  • Scopus: 60,061


Engaging with Alumni

  • Alumni Relations Officer appointed
  • Student Alumni Cell constituted
  • Issuing of Alumni Digital ID card to alumni in progress


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Phone: 080-2293 2668



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